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Illustration shows the rubber folding up all the way around as it enters the casing to form an airtight seal.

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5 X 1½ Lemco Seal

Product No: A05X150
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Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Lemco Seals

Lemco Drawdown Well Seals stop submersible water well pumps from sucking air by forming an airtight seal above the pump. This helps to control drawdown, increase water well production, and retard corrosion buildup in the pumping area. The drawdown factor, which is the difference between the static water level and the pumping water level, becomes a non-issue because the Lemco Drawdown Well Seal forces water to be pumped from the aquifer below, instead of from the static water level above the pump.


In the illustration, the apparent pumping water level is below the pump inlet, but the Lemco Seal keeps the pump submerged in water pumping normally, unaffected by the amount of drawdown outside the well casing.

During the pumping cycle, the raising and lowering of the water level causes aeration of the water, corrosion to build up and rust to form. The Lemco Seal provides a positive barrier to eliminate wash down of rust and slime, especially in black pipe, therefore improving water quality. Air, dirt, sand, foreign objects and contamination from ground pollution entering through the pitless unit, cracked casing or a loose pipe joint is contained above the Lemco Drawdown Well Seal.
Case Quantity: 12