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Engineered to prevent drawdown and increase well production in low water level and slow producing wells.

seal demoThe LEMCO DRAWDOWN WELL SEAL protects the submersible pump by keeping it submerged in water and by preventing it from sucking air. When the pump runs, the airtight Lemco Seal helps prevent motor burnout by forcing the submersible pump to draw from the aquifer below, instead of lowering the static water level above the pump.

During dry spells, when the static water level lowers naturally, cavitation and pump failure can result. Wells made in fine sand are especially vulnerable to drawdown. Even when there seems to be plenty of water, a fine screen can restrict water flow and increase drawdown.

Because the seal is airtight, it accounts for a negative pressure or suction, which allows for increased well production. Therefore, we recommend mounting the seal on, or as close to the pump as possible to take maximum advantage of suction.

In the illustration, the submersible pump is submerged in water, pumping normally, unaffected by the amount of drawdown outside the well (where the water level has dropped below the pump inlet). To use an analogy, it's like sucking on a straw to raise the level of the liquid above the glass. The same holds true for the Lemco Seal which takes advantage of suction to raise the water level and keep the pump submerged in water. This makes the Lemco Seal ideal for preventing drawdown and increasing well production in low water level and slow producing wells.


10 X 3 Lemco Seal

Product No: A10X300
Steel Type:
Available for 3" to 16" wells in mild steel or stainless steel
  • Control drawdown now and during future dry spells.
  • Prevent submersible pumps from sucking air.
  • Increase well production.
  • Retard corrosive buildup around pump and screen area.
  • Prevent the raising and lowering of the water level inside the well.
  • Eliminate wash down of rust and slime inside the well.
  • Contain air, dirt, sand and contamination above the seal.
  • Increase pump and system life.
  • Center and stabilize the pump.
  • Easy to install.
Rubber folds up all the way around to make an airtight seal
made in usa
Case Quantity: 12


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What is the Lemco Seal made of?

The Lemco Seal is made of mild steel and pliable rubber.

What are the specs on the rubber?

The rubber is a buna synthetic rubber.

Why is the outside diameter of the seal larger than the ID of the well?

The rubber has to fold up all the way around before it will go down in the well. This is how it makes an air tight seal.

Do you offer seals in stainless steel?

Yes, we do. When you're choosing the size you want, be sure to check 'Stainless Steel' or 'Mild Steel'.

Is it hard to push the seal down into the well?

Some installers/drillers wet the well casing ahead of the seal, then put water on top of the seal to help push it down.

Is it hard to pull the seal out when the well needs repairing?

You will need some type of lifting device to pull the pump.

Will the Lemco Seal work to stop the flow in an artesian well?

It depends on how much flow there is. Some have used two or more seals in tandem to successfully stop the flow.

Do you make a 6 x 4 Lemco Seal?

No, we don't, the flange would be too narrow. Same for an 8 X 6 seal or a 3 X 1¼ seal.

Will the seal still work if it's mounted 20-30 feet above the pump?

To best control drawdown, it should be mounted as close to the pump as possible.

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Illustration shows the rubber folding up all the way around as it enters the casing and forms an airtight seal.

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