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Control Drawdown • Protect the Submersible Pump • Increase well Production • Retard Corrosion • Eliminate wash down of rust and slime


If you’re a water well driller or pump installer having problems with submersible pumps sucking air, then you’ve come to the right place. The Lemco Seal helps control drawdown and it protects the submersible pump by keeping it submerged in water. The Lemco Seal was invented by Bill Smedley, Sr., a well driller, who was very inventive and mechanically inclined. Late one summer, after a drought set in, Bill had a series of submersible pump motors burn out. It was his nature to investigate the situation and figure out what to do about it. He knew he had to find a way to control drawdown if he was going to prevent motor failures in the future. Ultimately, he designed an airtight seal which he installed directly above the pump. Although the idea is a simple one, it solved his drawdown problem.

seal demo The airtight Lemco Seal forces the submersible pump to draw from the aquifer below instead of lowering the water level inside the well during the pumping cycle. Bill theroized that during dry spells, when the water level lowered naturally, that it could cause the pump to suck air and cavitation to occur. The majority of Bill's installations were in fine sand and had well screens. Even when there seemed to be plenty of water, he thought fine sand restricted water flow and could cause excessive drawdown.

Because the seal is airtight, it puts a negative pressure or suction on the well when the pump is running. This means it can also increase well production. In the illustration, the submersible pump is submerged in water even though drawdown is causing the pumping water level to be below the pump inlet. To use an analogy, it's similar to sucking on a straw and raising the level of the liquid above the glass. The Lemco Seal makes it possible to raise the water level, inside the well, far above the water level outside the well casing, which makes it ideal for low water level and slow producing wells.


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